Fully Integrated with Shopify

Don't worry about product sourcing and shipping. By integrating your Shopify store into Hypercape, you can instantly sell over 1,000 products.

1. Connect store

Connect your Shopify store with HYPERCAPE just like you link the Shopify app.

2. Search products

Find the products you want to sell in "Search Product"

3. Import Products

Just import products you'd like to sell with one click and set the product price.

4. Activate Products

Check out our products in the Shopify store. Activate your product and you are ready to sell.

Super easy to scale up my product list

Great platform, good price, powerful integration. After connecting to my Shopify store with API, the number of my products is now around 1,200 from 40.

Shopify Seller in Australia

Ready to dive in?Start selling today.