Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a very reliable supply chain management system from Korean brands to oversea resellers

Our idea was to connect Korean cosmetics brands to oversea merchants and resellers.


We powers over 500+ resellers worldwide

We have been in the cross-border e-commerce business for a decade. Since our inception, we have imported a variety of competitive products to Korea from all over the world. The business expanded fast in the beginning, but the growth became slow-down due to the lack of supply chain management. It was beyond our management capacity to control more than 10,000 SKUs and resulted in losing customers arising from the frequent shipment failures that were either delayed or cancelled.

Our frustration motivated us to reverse the direction so that we can provide a very reliable supply chain management system from Korea to oversea resellers. Our idea was to connect Korean cosmetics brands to oversea merchants.

We understand how important it is for you to satisfy your customers by providing exact product information and timely delivery. Hence, we investigated the dropshipping system which has been in fashion recently, and discovered that it may be more efficient for us to fulfill directly to your customers rather than local distribution. For best selling items, it may be worth taking inventory risk to take more margins. However, it is not worth it to have inventory risk to all SKUs where some items are uncertain to be sold.

Wholesale and retail drop shipping methods are not mutually exclusive, and it can benefit your business by using a mixed strategy. We provide both services to serve you the best. We can reach out to brands that you may plan to source if requested. We will find the best prices for you regardless of the quantities. We will try our best to fill the holes in your product catalogs where some items are sold out. All online merchants, who are using our service, have increased their sale volumes more than 50% while successfully reducing inventory risk and handling fees.


Meet our leadership

  • Sean Hong / 홍승현

    Co-Founder / CEO

    • SpurSell , SVP of Seller Financial Service
    • Incublock, Co-founder and CFO
    • BOA Merrill Lynch, Interest rate swap and bond trading
    • BNP Paribas, FX Forward and Cross currency swap trading
    • UBS Hong Kong, Rates option trading
    • Columbia University, Master of Financial Engineering
    • Brown University, Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
  • Martin Sim / 심승현

    Co-Founder / COO

    • SpurSell , Data Innovation Group Leader
    • Paktor, Country Lead of Korea
    • T&T market, COO
    • UC Berkeley, Bachelor of Film and Media
  • Andrew Hong / 홍성민

    CTO / Lead Developer

    • Incublock , Lead Developer
    • Double Chain, Senior Developer
    • Sejong Telecom, IT Service Manager
    • Korea National Open University, Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Min Hwang / 황민

    Head of Business Development, China

    • Parking Cloud, Team Leader
    • Woori Bank Beijing, Manager
    • SK C&C Beijing, PJT Manager
    • Beijing Language and Culture University, Bachelor of Accounting
  • Ava Kang / 강가영

    Head of Business Development & CRM

    • Buyer at BOONTHESHOP’s Womenswear Buying Team (Shinsegae INT'L CO., LTD)
    • Emory University, Bachelor of International Economics/Visual Arts